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The stability of your business depends on the stability of your network. And as networks are becoming more and more complex with advanced technology, multiple locations & different use of devices, the exertion of managing them will only going to mount. PMB Global allows you to focus more on strategic issues and leave your IT related matters for us.

PMB Global offers a full-featured portfolio of services & tools to provide managed solutions for the continual and optimal operations of your network, desktops, servers & IT infrastructure. PMB Global is known for providing customized products & services to encounter the unique needs for the business.  We deliver a rich suit of remote & on-site managed IT services, aligned with the changing needs of your business, so that you can only focus on the strategic endeavors while we take care of your IT infrastructure. Our managed services cover every function related to networking & other IT functions.

PMB Global offers 24/7 help desk services to the clients who are facing troubleshooting issues or are in process of setting up new systems. Our highly responsive experts deliver round the clock services that come within the defined SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

Application Development:

PMB Global has been helping clients innovate through all phases of the application lifecycle for more than five years. Our ample portfolio management services of application development help you to maximize the value of your business through our technical and business expertise in more than 50 industries.

Enterprises Application:

Enterprise applications are an essential component of your IT foundation. Integration and alignment with your business processes are needed to build an effective and adaptable data base. PMB Global enterprise applications help to provide maximum support in building an efficient and effective result oriented system.

Business Intelligence:

Today, companies must be able to glean ideas and understand the value of each purchase, Tweet, and the interaction of customer service. PMB Global Data Unit can help you unlock the business value from mountains of data. Analytics Intelligence services and complete business profitability provide you a basis for analysis and to help you make informed business decisions, take bold steps, and execute quickly.

Dedicated Hosting:

We provide a type of internet hosting where clients are able to lease an entire server which is not shared with anyone. It is a flexible approach as companies could have full control over everything, thus, they are able to choose their own operating systems and hardware, etc. Few add-on services are available such as server administration as a value-added advantage for our well-regarded customers which would be cost-effective in a sense that it will results in grander return on investment. The key advantage to dedicated hosting lies in the hands of the provider as they own the server hardware, also, in special cases, support will be provided for operating systems and applications if needed.


Some of the key benefits are mentioned below:
On-Demand Deployment
Full Remote Management and Control
Global High-Speed, Advanced Network
Comprehensive Server Security
24/7 Support

Managed Hosting:

We provide a wide array of managed services where IT intricacies would be managed by our specialized team equipped with right skills which gives the companies a chance to focus on their core business values. Our support system works 24/7 to ensure that you achieve complete satisfaction when it comes to IT investment which results in increased efficiency and effectiveness, thus, attaining operational excellence.


One-business-day deployment
Exceptional price for performance
Monthly contracts with no long-term commitment
Integration with self-managed environments
24/7 support from our highly qualified Technical team

PMB Global enables you to a simpler and faster path to cloud. Customize the cloud solution by having an end to end portfolio, including hybrid & private clouds, cross platform infrastructure, heterogeneous management, and expert supervision. PMB Global provides a perfect cloud solution which can be built in seconds, with callable RAM, CPU & storage.

Some of the benefits of PMB Global’s Clouding services include:

  • Elastic platform – scale RAM, CPU & storage instantly, as & when you need to.
  • Cost efficient- no need to deploy unnecessary physical hardware at your facility; configure only as much resource as you need.
  • Deploy in seconds.
  • Highly reliable – built-in redundancy & 100% network uptime guaranteed.
  • Secure – housed in our wholly-owned US data centers.
  • High performance-utilizes the very best technology and a certified Cisco powered cloud.
  • Unrivalled 24/7 support by VMware certified technicians.


  • Server Management
  • Network Management
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Managed Hosting
  • Cloud Services
  • Database Management
  • IP based Telephony services
  • Monitoring, Installing & upgrading systems
  • Consultancy Services