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PMB Global Limited is one of the pioneer International voice service and solutions provider based in Hong Kong with regional hub in Singapore, UAE & Bangladesh. We are Services-Based Operator (SBO) in Hong Kong by Office of the Communication Authority (OFCA) and VoIP service provider (VSP) operator in Bangladesh by Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulator Commission (BTRC). PMB is one of the well-known & reputed names in the industry of Telecommunications, and is known for excellent level of services, business ethics, and contribution to the development of internet telephony.

We are specialized in superior Voice Termination services with different quality and different rate plan according client needs with interconnected more than 300 Tier1 & Tier2 operators, Wholesale operator and local operators where we only accept CLI services.

To maintain seamless transmission of your voice traffic, and to provide you with instant technical support, PMB maintains 24/7 /365 Network Operations Center which consist of skilled, supportive and friendly technical staff.


  • Nearly a decade of experience in the voice termination business – not a fledgling company without a proven track record of success.
  • A robust and expanding network of partners and offerings - solid partnerships with over 250 international long distance carriers and resellers and additional ones in development.
  • Rapid access to a multitude of routes on every populated continent – we can often find working routes to specific destinations when other companies cannot.
  • Reliable quality and traffic stability supported by the maintenance of multiple carriers on all routes.
  • Support of all major interconnectivity standards, allowing us to partner with ever greater numbers of companies of varying sizes and capabilities.
  • Technical support from an experienced, highly trained and responsive staff.
  • The personalized, round-the-clock attention of Carrier Relations Manager – you’re not just an “account” to us.
  • Quality at highly competitive rates.

What We Offer

  • High-quality voice termination to over 168 countries and over 300 direct fixed and mobile networks spread across different continents.
  • Direct interconnects with the leading mobile and fixed operators across the globe at unbeatable rates and quality.
  • 24 x 7 technical support and the personal attention our clients need.
  • Online reporting tools for viewing pricing, quality & CDR analysis.
  • Our system supports both H323 and SIP protocol and traffic is accepted from H323 and SIP Gateways, Soft switches, or any other VoIP platform.
  • With a vision of providing a cost-effective IT staffing and Consultancy services to our clients, since our inception we have attracted the best and brightest IT professionals to support our vision and have developed into a technology consulting firm specializing in design, development, and delivery of software and infrastructure solutions.

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